About Us

Rose Garb creates textile art masterpieces of the highest quality that are unique and not to be replicated. Every creation is thoughtfully designed, painstakingly crafted, and perfected by the details.

It all started at the Colorado Renaissance Festival, when the seamtress extraordinaire behind Rose Garb, Lady Stephanie Rose, decided that going to the faire was not complete without an extravagant gown to wear. The very first thing she ever made was a Renaissance court gown in light teal blue.

That dress started an avalanche of creativity that culminated in Rose Garb. Although wearing beautiful things suits Lady Rose very well, it is the creative process of making an artwork that is nothing less than perfect that is the driving force behind Rose Garb. Each garment or decoration that bears the name of Rose Garb is unique. Nothing will ever be replicated. If you purchase a Rose Garb original, you will forever be the only with that work of art. If you are interested in custom work, please contact us. There has yet to be a creative challenge that has not been successfully met. With our textile resources and knowledge of the sewing art, you can have your own custom and unique masterpiece.