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Black Exotic Flowers Corset

Renaissance corset with satin ribbons
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Imagine being the center of attention at the Renaissance Festival wearing an exotic, exquisitely beaded textile masterpiece, turning heads and gathering compliments. In this corset you could be a mysterious lady from a far away land, or a tantalizing fairy of whimsical origin. This corset is stunningly adorned with beaded fringe and trim along the edges, where each bead was painstakingly attached by hand. The cut of the garment is designed to flatter your figure. The fabric is bewitchingly patterned with bright, unique flowers against a black and grey mottled background. Black satin ribbons are applied as laces at the front and back, while at the shoulders, in addition to black, lime green satin ribbons add a streak of color.

The main fabric is a cotton polyester blend. The corset is fully lined in black polyester and constructed with thick canvas for support. There are steel bones throughout for structure. There are grommets at the front, back, and shoulders to allow for a wide range of adjustments and comfort. Modesty panels at the front and back allow for coverage throughout.

Bust - 36" to 41.5"
Waist - 30" to 35.5"
(Those are the measurements of the corset itself, you want it to fit snugly and the corset should therefore be slightly smaller than your measurements.)

There many colors to complement this corset, and if you want other ribbons in different colors for the laces, please let me know!